Delegated Relationship with Optum Medical Network in Utah Effective January 1, 2015

Effective January 1, 2015, Optum Medical Network will be delegated for claims payment and utilization management for all UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage HMO and AARP® Medicare Complete benefit plans in Utah. Optum Medical Network provides local support services and offers innovative value-based arrangements that align incentives with improved outcomes.

The following information will change on UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage member identification (ID) cards as of Jan. 1:

Information on Utilization Management

Affirmative Statement Regarding Incentives

Optum Medical Network’s core values of integrity and compassion dictate that we deliver the most effective care possible to every patient. This principle should be the guiding force behind all the decisions we make when it comes to patient care, including those surrounding utilization management.

Therefore, we are sharing this Affirmative Statement about incentives (specifically relating to Utilization Management).