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Phoenix news stations KPHO and KTVK covers how Optum Medical Network expanding its programs, improving patient health and helping costs.

Optum Medical Network in Phoenix continues to expand their network with more providers and services to help anticipate patient needs before there is a health problem. It starts with the primary care physician and a community that cares.

Optum not only offers their patients opportunities for more efficient care they offer a community center that brings patients together, helps them stay active and keeps them healthier. While chair dancing, tai chi, even Spanish class were not on the top of Shirley Garelick’s list when she was shopping for a health care plan she says she would not be nearly as healthy if she did not have them. “This has just made such a difference in my life,” Garelick said.

“People who are isolated do much worse in their health care than people who are part of a community,” Dr. Troy Comstock, Optum’s chief medical officer, said. Optum’s finding that including more, like the community center Garelick visits, is actually more cost effective for everyone.

“I mean healthcare shouldn’t be done in any other way than the way we are doing it,” Comstock said.

“We provide information on each and every patient within Optum Medical Network to make sure that they get all of the preventative care they need, and then if they are in the hospital or a skilled nursing facility or have high needs at home, that that is communicated to the physicians, as well,” he said.

Optum’s moto is to give no homework, answer the question and meet the need.

Right now Optum is available through Medicare Advantage plans offered by UnitedHealthcare in Arizona, but it is looking to expand to other insurance plans, as well.

Optum’s Deer Valley community center is open to non-network members, as well. The facility is located at 20414 N. 27th Avenue (4th Floor), Phoenix. For more information, call 877-901-5336