January Events

Check out the exciting events coming up at the Optum Community Center this January! On top of our regular Pilates and Wii Bowling events we’re also offering a Metabolic Syndrome Presentation and a 12 week LifeBio Workshop. Click here to RSVP and learn more!

Finances Over 50

Healthy Living After 50

Join us for a free educational event presented by AARP on Finances over 50! The event will take place on Monday, December 14 form 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm at the Optum Community Center in Phoenix

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Is your credit card debt mounting? Do you need help controlling, improving or protecting your finances? This presentation will give you the tools, support and resources you need.

Join us to learn about:

  • 1. Budgeting
  • 2. Managing credit and debt
  • 3. Saving and protecting your finances
Space is limited. Please RSVP below or call us at 866-876-2792 for more information.

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In the News!

Phoenix news stations KPHO and KTVK covers how Optum Medical Network expanding its programs, improving patient health and helping costs.

Optum Medical Network in Phoenix continues to expand their network with more providers and services to help anticipate patient needs before there is a health problem. It starts with the primary care physician and a community that cares.

Be Active With Diabetes

Help keep your diabetes under control with physical activity.

If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, it’s time to get moving — if you aren’t doing so already.

For people with prediabetes or diabetes, exercise can play an important role in managing the disease.

Medicare Sales Meetings

Medicare Open Enrollment season is upon us, and we want to help our members maintain a healthy lifestyle by continuing to make good health care decisions.

If you are considering choosing a new Medicare health insurance plan, we invite you to contact us to find a doctor or see if your doctor is already in our physician network. Access to expert advice from our network of over 600 primary care physicians, 4,000 specialists and 15 hospitals in Maricopa County, AZ, comes with many benefits, all available at no extra cost to you.

Prostate Cancer

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Understanding Prostate Cancer. Learn about the symptoms of prostate cancer and the screening procedures used to detect it.

In the United States, prostate cancer is the most common cancer found in men, after skin cancer. Even though prostate cancer is fairly common, often it can be slow growing and may not cause health problems. In the early stages, there may be no symptoms.

EVENT: Medicare 101

Our next Medicare 101 event is being held on Wednesday, September 23 from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. We can help answer your questions about Medicare. Attending one of our Medicare workshops is a great way to get to know your Medicare Health Plan options. Join others from your community to listen to a educational presentation from a licensed insurance agent at the Optum Community Center. You will learn important facts about Medicare so that you can find the health plan that is best for you.

Healthy Grilling Ideas

Get some great ideas for grilling your favorite fruits, veggies and meats. All healthy, nutritious and delicious

Many people forget or just don’t realize that you can cook vegetables and fruits right on the grill. Though burgers and chicken may be old-time favorites, why not branch out for better health?

Try grilling more veggies and fruits for added color, flavor and more vitamins and nutrients in your meals. Start today with these easy suggestions:

Your Health

5 Ways to Take Charge of Your Health!

Good health doesn’t happen all by itself — you can take charge and make it happen. Here are five things you can do right now.

When it comes to our personal health, the statistics speak for themselves. Every year more of us are diagnosed with health-threatening conditions including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Despite the trend, you can reduce your risks by getting involved in your health, taking charge and making changes. Here are five ways you can get started and take charge.

The Healthy Habits of Older Adults

Your behaviors and choices can help you stay fit and able in your later years.

There is no question that Americans are living longer. In 2000, adults 65 or older made up 12.4 percent of the population. Just 10 years later, that number rose to 13 percent. The number of people living to 100 or older also went up about 6 percent.

And guess what? More than half of the people 65 or older who do work are working full-time. So what are the keys to living a longer life?

Lots of factors contribute to how long you live. Managing any chronic conditions you may have and tending to your overall health are high on the list. Staying active to keep your muscles strong and prevent falls are also vital to healthy aging.